Winnebago Shore Title Page

Sweet Slumber Title Sheet

Woman of the West (Winnebago) title sheet

Winnebago Shore by Otto Daus and Helen Hanisch
Sweet Slumber by Phil A. Laffey
Winnebago printed under the title sheet "Woman of the West" by Phillip Laffey and L.J. Vaughn

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These selections of sheet music and audio files, written by Oshkosh composers, have entered the public domain (copyright free) and are available for download for free. You will need an Adobe Acrobat reader to read the sheet music files and an MP3 media player to hear the sound files. The music in the digital version of Oshkosh in Motion plays in this order: Winnebago Shore, Sweet Slumber, Winnebago Shore (again), Winnebago.


Updated May 31, 2002

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